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Please prepare the following information.
  • Name(s) of the Claimant(s)
  • Home and Work Addresses
  • Email address, cell phone numbers

Keep a pen & paper or electronic device handy to take notes.

Start keeping a journal of your disaster.


If you are a victim and need immediate help, fill out our Victim Help Form now.
Our staff will review your information immediately. 1-800-The-Claim is always open!
Service and Claim Experts
The NESS We created The Network of Emergency of Specialty & Emergency Services — or The NESS for you.

Please visit The NESS to learn how to join our fast-growing network.


Liz Torres Wow, put me in touch with a terrific collision repair company on Long Island and an attorney who went straight to work on a personal injury claim against the insurance company, of the person who hit me from behind while talking on a cell phone.