Free 24/7 helpline service for accident and disaster victims.

How will your insurance company help you?

Do you REALLY expect your insurance company to help you collect thousands of dollars after a disaster?

Never expect your insurance company to provide accurate information and advice!

Because these expectations make disaster recovery longer and more expensive.

Ron Alford I created 1-800-THE-CLAIM in 1990, because I want to help victims recover from insurance related disasters.

After you call 911, the next number to call is 1-800-THE-CLAIM (843-2524) to locate experts for disaster and insurance recovery.

There are two parts of recovery from a disaster or accident:

  1. Physical recovery.
  2. Who is going to pay for your recovery?

1-800-THE-CLAIM takes the unknown out of insurance claim matters. We connect insurance claimants with Service & Claim Experts.

Because you deserve the best restoration services, for your home, your vehicle, personal injury or any insurance claim.

If you are not in charge of your insurance, your insurance company will be in charge of you.

1-800-THE-CLAIM Never be intimidated with 1-800-THE-CLAIM on your team

Call 1-800-THE-CLAIM

Get Answers Before You Call Insurance Company

  • What should you do first, second, third?
  • How to efficiently to manage your recovery.
  • Where to find competent Service & Claim Experts.
  • How to calculate the full recovery cost.
  • How long will it take to recover?
  • Why you should trust and rely on the Service & Claim Experts of 1-800-TheClaim.
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Unexpected Disasters Happen Every Day

Do You Need Help Now?

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Service and Claim Experts

Do You Have a Recovery Plan?

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Ron Alford The time to learn how to use a life raft is before the ship sinks.

It is impossible to learn how to do new things when you are under severe stress.

Disaster recovery no matter how small, is a very stressful matter.

You need a recovery plan. Do you want an unknown insurance adjuster to control your recovery?

Think of the situation this way.

When you buy a discounted parachute it may be full of holes, or missing something. The same goes for insurance companies.

Given the opportunty, discount insurance companies will direct you to discount collision repair companies who use aftermarket (non-factory) parts to fix your vehicle, for starters.

Insurance is like a life boat or a parachute.

It has to work flawlessly or a secondary disaster is likely. We rarely think about our parachute being full of holes.

1-800-THE-CLAIM is your security blanket.

Imagine playing the game of tennis. You are on one side of the net and on the other side are four dozen people with enormous rackets. It is their job it is to protect the insurance company from you when you file a claim.

Our staff and affiliates will help you recover your assets and restart your life, after an accident or disaster.

Call 1-800-THE-CLAIM


Molly Potts Last winter my house suffered serious damage from snow & ice that melted and damaged almost everything in both bedrooms on the second floor.

Not knowing if insurance would pay for such damages, I asked my next door neighbor what I should do.

Mary told me to call 1-800-THE-CLAIM and ask them what to do, because it was late Friday night. They pointed me in the right direction and gave me the name of a specialist in this kind of insurance claim in Danbury, CT.

I could not be more pleased…