Ron Alford is YOUR Insurance Claim Guy

Ron Alford Ron Alford is an internationally recognized expert in disaster prevention and management, property insurance claims and the restoration industry.

Ron Alford has spent his lifetime helping other people recover from a crisis. He managed over 13,000 insurance claims and related disasters in the NYC Metropolitan Area for property owners of every socioeconomic level.

Alford knows the facts. He shares them with the public through his work and books.

Ron Alford Helps Victims

He regularly helps victims recover from disasters, speaks at meetings, seminars and workshops.

A well published author on insurance, he consults with corporations on disaster prevention, business continuation planning, crisis management and disaster recovery.

Alford’s personal coaching services, books, articles, speaking and consulting assignments are provided in plain language so that participants get real value.

Insurance Claims Books by Ron Alford

Auto Insurance Tricks and Repair Rip-Offs